A Short History of Bankruptcy

The etymology of the term “bankruptcy” is commonly believed to derive from a combination of two Latin words: “bancus” (table or bench) and “ruptus” (broken). The theory suggests that a public banker, upon failing to meet financial obligations, would have his bench—where transactions took place—broken as a symbol of his inability to negotiate and fiscal failure. This practice was widespread in Medieval Italy, leading many to attribute the term “bankrupt” to the Italian phrase “banco rotto,” translating to “broken bank.” Alternatively, some attribute the origin Read More +

Bankruptcy Attorney in Pine Ridge

Reputable bankruptcy attorneys in Pine Ridge, Florida and Citrus County can be hard to find. We at Weller Legal Group have over 30 years of bankruptcy experience and can help you with your Chapter 7 bankruptcy, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, or debt settlement cases. Over the last 3 decades we have filed over 30,000 cases and have debtors best interests in mind. Weller Legal Group is one of the oldest remaining bankruptcy law firms in Pine Ridge and Citrus County and we are ready to help Read More +

Bankruptcy Attorney in Citrus Springs

Reputable bankruptcy attorneys can be hard to find in Citrus Springs, Florida and the Citrus County area. We at Weller Legal Group are heavily experienced in bankruptcy law and our law firm has filed over 40,000 cases spanning across 3 decades. If you are struggling financially and are considering filing for bankruptcy, we will be happy to assist you with your case in the city of Citrus Springs or the surrounding Citrus County territory. When it comes to bankruptcy, the two most common forms are Read More +

How to Deal with Bankruptcy

Experiencing bankruptcy is typically a substantial financial hurdle, profoundly impacting the lives of those who go through it. You and your family may be going through this difficult experience and trying to find coping strategies and ways to make it more manageable. While there are often things that could have prevented bankruptcy, this is not always the case, and there are various external factors that often come into play. Whatever the circumstances, dealing with bankruptcy and its challenges can be difficult, and there are various Read More +

Should You Hire A Bankruptcy Attorney or Complete Debt Consolidation?

It can be very difficult and time-consuming to resolve your financial situation. Many believe that debt consolidation is the way to go, but for others, it makes sense to hire a bankruptcy attorney. So how do you know if you should pursue debt consolidation or hire a bankruptcy attorney? Let us be the first to say that there are many pros and cons to each one. Here we will take a deeper look into which decision may be best for you. Consolidating debt includes applying Read More +

Bankruptcy Attorney in Crystal River

If you need a bankruptcy lawyer in Crystal River, Florida or Citrus County, then Mr. Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group are here to help. Mr. Weller has over 30 years of experience in Florida bankruptcy law and has filed over 40,000 cases. Weller Legal Group is able to assist you in debt settlements, Chapter 7 bankruptcy, and Chapter 13 bankruptcy cases. Mr. Jay Weller is an experienced bankruptcy attorney in Crystal River, Florida who can help you through the entire bankruptcy process from start Read More +

Navigating Financial Hardships in Pickleball Coaching: A Bankruptcy Attorney’s Playbook

In the competitive world of pickleball coaching, financial stability can sometimes be as elusive as a perfect serve. For coaches who find themselves struggling with debt or financial missteps, the prospect of bankruptcy can loom large. But with the right strategies and legal guidance, financial recovery is not only possible but can also be a new beginning. The Financial Game Set Pickleball coaches often operate as small business owners or independent contractors, which comes with financial risks. Unpredictable income, irregular client engagement, and the costs Read More +

Advice Negotiating with Credit Card Companies From A Bankruptcy Attorney

Did you know that the average credit card balance in the U.S. is over $5,000? It’s no wonder why many individuals seek advice from a bankruptcy attorney to help them manage their finances. If you’re in a similar situation, negotiating with your charge card company is one way to get ahead. It’s important to know that continuous use of charge cards can easily spiral out of control. Before you know it, you may struggle to afford credit card payments or end up using your card Read More +

Strategies to Manage Financial Stress

In today’s world, money is important, and many people in Clearwater and beyond are stressed about their finances. In fact, around the world, money and financial resources are some of the common reasons for high-stress levels. It can often feel like an unhealthy bank account naturally creates other health problems, such as anxiety, depression, and unmanageable stress. If you’re worried about money and want to find new ways to manage your financial stress, here are some of the strategies to consider. Create a Plan You Read More +

A Guide to Filing Bankruptcy in Florida

Dealing with financial challenges is a part of life. However, if you’re struggling financially, you should know that you aren’t alone. Filing bankruptcy because you’ve lost your job, suffered a catastrophic illness, or had another major life event shouldn’t be embarrassing. While it can be confusing and overwhelming, here are some of the basic things that you should know. How do you qualify to file for bankruptcy? You’re already qualified if you haven’t ever filed for bankruptcy before or the waiting period (something that depends Read More +