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Need a good Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney? Looking for a good Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney? Is there a reputable and experienced Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney? Who is the premier Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney?

Weller Legal Group, since its founding in 1993, has filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies and represented many thousands more through our many Non-Bankruptcy Programs or Bankruptcy Alternatives. The team of Bankruptcy Attorneys at Weller Legal Group is considered by many to be the premier Bankruptcy Attorneys in the State of Florida.

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    You may not need to file for Bankruptcy. Bankruptcy Attorneys, Counselors, and Paralegals at Weller Legal Group are experienced and knowledgeable in our many Non-Bankruptcy Programs or Bankruptcy Alternatives. Some of the Programs offered include Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modification, Credit Counseling, Credit Repair, Debt Settlements, and Creditor Harassment Litigation.

    If you are considering whether to file Bankruptcy then be aware of the two most commonly filed Chapters of Bankruptcy. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also known as the Wage Earners Plan, a Debt Reorganization, or Debt Consolidation. The Bankruptcy Attorney in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy seeks to consolidate Most or All of his Client’s Debts into one consolidated payment, that is generally reduced from his previous monthly Obligations.

    In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Attorney can Stop any Garnishment of Wages or Assets by the Internal Revenue Service, or another Taxing Authority, and allow the Debtor to pay any Taxes that are Not Dischargeable, through the Chapter 13 Plan. Such Taxes may be paid over a period of up to Sixty Months, and generally with no added Penalties and Reduced Interest or No Interest.

    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also called a Straight Bankruptcy or a Straight Bankruptcy. The Bankruptcy Attorney in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy seeks to Discharge his Clients’ Unsecured Debts. Unsecured Debts are Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Signature or Bank Loans, or any Debt that is Not Secured by Collateral. A Secured Debt is an Automobile Loan or a Home Loan.

    If you live in Clearwater, Florida, our Main Office is conveniently located in Clearwater at 25400 US 19 North in Suite 150. Our Law Office is located about one quarter mile North of Sunset Point Road and roughly one-quarter mile South of the Countryside Mall. We are directly across from Dimmit Chevrolet on US 19 North.

    Please Call Today for a Friendly and Free Consultation with our Bankruptcy Attorney. The Attorney’s Direct Number in Clearwater is 727-539-7701 or Toll-Free at 1-800-407-3328 (DEBT).

    We are here to help you. It is a honor and privilege to serve you. Please Call us Today in order that we may help. Thank you for your consideration, and if you are interested, our Website contains mountains of information on Bankruptcy and other Programs that may help.

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