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In 1998, Weller Legal Group created Julian Credit Counseling Service, a Non Profit 501(c)(3) Organization, to help its Clients avoid Bankruptcy, and consolidate their Debts. Because Julian Credit Management is a Non Profit Organization, designated by the Internal Revenue Service, we are able to obtain certain concessions from the Creditors. These concessions include lower interest rates, lower monthly payments, re-aging of Accounts, waiver of late fees, over limit fees and penalties, and an adjustment in how interest rates are charged.

All Credit Cards and other Debts are consolidated into one monthly payment paid to Julian Credit Management. Payment may be made by Cashiers Check, Money Order, or Electronic Funds Transfer (direct debit). Julian Credit then places these funds into a Trust Account and pays each individual Creditor. Credit Card interest is reduced on average to zero to six per cent. In addition, the interest paid to Creditors is further reduced because the amount owed is amortized over fifty two to sixty months.

In addition, the Credit Counseling program allows the Client to have his or her Accounts re-aged. This means that after three to six payments, the Account will be brought current on his or her Credit Report.

Weller Legal Group has a sister corporation named Julian Credit Management, which Jay Weller formed in 1998 to provide another avenue to consolidate debts other than Bankruptcy. Julian Credit is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Organization licensed by the Internal Revenue Service to provide Credit Counseling Services. Credit Counseling involves numerous programs. The Debt Consolidation program enables a debtor to consolidate his credit cards at reduced interest and reduced monthly payments. On average, the Debt Consolidation program through Credit Counseling can reduce the interest charged on a credit card to six (6) to seven (7) percent. The monthly credit card payment can usually be reduced twenty five (25) to forty (40) percent. The debtor makes one payment monthly to Julian Credit, the monies are deposited into a Trust Account maintained by Julian Credit, and then are distributed to the creditors per the agreed terms. In addition, the Credit Counseling program allows the debtor to recalculate the manner in which the interest is assessed. A credit card company will assess interest on usually a daily basis on the debtor’s balance. In Credit Counseling, the interest is amortized, like an automobile loan, over a fifty two (52) to sixty (60) month period. By recalculating the method in which interest is assessed, the Credit Counseling program greatly reduces the amount of interest paid to the creditor. For example, if a debtor owes $20,000 on his credit cards, is paying 18% interest, and is making a minimum payment of 3% of the balance, it would take 24 years and 3 months to pay off his credit cards. The total money he would pay his creditors would be $39,698.45. If the same debtor was making a minimum payment of 2% of the balance, it would take 62 years and 5 months to pay off his credit cards, and he would pay his creditors a total of $78,397.00. If a debtor is behind on his credit cards, after he has made at least three (3) payments in the Credit Counseling program, Julian Credit can “re-age” his accounts, which means the accounts are brought current on the debtor’s credit report. As a non-profit agency, Julian Credit also provides counseling and assistance to member of the community in need of information regarding housing assistance, utility assistance, food programs, and other efforts that help persons in our community. Julian Credit also is a generous contributor to our community through its support of various charities.
Yes. In addition to Bankruptcy representation, Weller Legal Group provides a wide spectrum of programs designed to help persons in debt or facing difficulties with their creditors. Among the non-Bankruptcy programs include Credit Counseling, Debt Settlements, Credit Repair, Creditor Harassment, Mortgage Mediation & Modifications, Foreclosure Defense, Debt Consolidation, Taxpayer issues, and a Homebuyer Assistance Program. We are the only organization in the State of Florida that provides every avenue of assistance for those confronted with debt and creditor problems.