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Tampa Bay Bankruptcy Lawyer, Jay Weller

Jay Weller, a Tampa Bay Bankruptcy LawyerMy name is Jay Matthew Weller and I am a bankruptcy lawyer.  I have practiced bankruptcy Law and have served the Tampa Bay community since 1993.  I received my Undergraduate Degree in Legal Studies from the State University at Buffalo in 1990, and my Law Degree, or Juris Doctorate, from the University of Akron, in 1993.

While at the University of Akron Law School, I specialized in bankruptcy law.  The curriculum included Bankruptcy Law, Secured Transactions, Advanced Secured Transactions, UCC Law, and other studies devoted to the practice of Bankruptcy Law.

After graduation from law school, I moved to the State of Florida, and luckily my first position as an Attorney was at a bankruptcy law firm.  Under the mentorship of some of the better bankruptcy lawyers in the State of Florida, I learned about every aspect of bankruptcy law.  Eventually, I became the Litigation Attorney for this law firm, handling cases both simple and complex.

After leaving that law firm, I started my own professional practice and have been in private practice for the majority of my professional life.  My Bankruptcy Law Firm, The Weller Legal Group, is now one of the largest bankruptcy law firms in the State of Florida.  We have grown from a small one room office to much larger organization with three bankruptcy law offices in Tampa Bay, including Clearwater, Port Richey, and Lakeland.  We have filed over 40,000 bankruptcies.

Although I initially began practice solely as a Tampa Bay bankruptcy lawyer, I felt it important that my clients have other avenues in which to address their debt issues, other than bankruptcy.  In 1998, I began a sister program called Julian Consumer Credit Counseling, or Julian Credit Management.  Julian Credit is a 501(c)(3) Non Profit Agency designed to help persons avoid bankruptcy, and consolidate their credit cards and other debts into one monthly payment, with reduced interest and reduced monthly payment obligation.  Julian Credit, as a non profit agency, also provides counseling to the community, including housing assistance, budget counseling, and information regarding fuel, food and other assistance programs.  For those unable to pay for such services, these services are provided free of charge.

We also represent many of our clients in debt settlement matters.  A debt settlement is usually a one-time lump sum payment to a creditor in full satisfaction of a debt.  The settlement can involve credit card debt, medical bills, tax debts, and almost any other type of debt obligation.

Many of our clients have also solicited our services in Mortgage Mediation, Credit Repair, Creditor Harassment matters, Foreclosure Defense, Consumer Protection litigation, Taxpayer issues, and other matters relating to the resolution of a difficulty involving debt or creditors.  If you are in debt, Weller Legal Group probably has a solution.

One of the most frustrating experiences one endures is being in debt.  When one is in debt, it often preoccupies his thoughts.  The stress of having debt is the number one reason persons in the United States get divorced.  I enjoy my profession because an experienced attorney, who is diligent in representation of his clients, can invariably help resolve these issues, with a beneficial result.

For more information contact us or call us at 1-800-407-DEBT(3328).