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Is there a good Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland? Who is the premier Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland? Is there a competent and reputable Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland? Is there a good and experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland?

pinellas-bankruptcy-pasco-bankruptcyJay Weller is considered by many to be the premier Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland. Jay Weller first opened an office in Lakeland, Florida in 1995, and has represented over 40,000 persons in Bankruptcy from Lakeland and the surrounding Tampa Bay area, since 1993. Bankruptcy Lawyers at Weller Legal Group are rated by many to be the best in the Lakeland and Tampa communities.

If you think you need to file Bankruptcy, then know that there are two primary Chapters of Bankruptcy that are most often filed. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is known as a Straight Bankruptcy and is usually used by a Bankruptcy Lawyer seeking to Discharge a Debtor’s Unsecured Debts, such as Credit Card Debts, Medical Bills, and other types of Debts. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will not usually Discharge Secured Debts, such as Automobile Loans or Home Mortgages. The Debtor in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy generally must continue paying the Secured Debt, in which case he is usually allowed to keep the Collateral or the Secured Property. If a Debtor in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy surrenders the Secured Property or Collateral, then usually such Debt is Discharged in Full Satisfaction of the Debt.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is called a Debt Reorganization or Debt Consolidation. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is designed to Stop Foreclosures on Homes and Property, Stop Wage Garnishments including those by the Internal Revenue Service, and to Consolidate all Debt into one reduced monthly payment. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy also contains a Mortgage Mediation Program where the Bankruptcy Lawyer can attempt to renegotiate the terms of the Mortgage, such as Interest Rates, Monthly Payment Terms, and sometimes even Principal Balances.

The Bankruptcy Lawyers at Well Legal Group are also experienced and trained in our many Non-Bankruptcy Programs or Bankruptcy Alternatives. These Programs include Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Credit Counseling, Credit Repair, Debt Settlements, and Short Sales.

If you are in Debt and need a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Lakeland or the greater Tampa Bay area, please call Weller Legal Group today and speak with an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer. Please call today for a Free Consultation at 1-800-407-3328. You will speak with and meet directly with an actual Bankruptcy Lawyer.

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