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If you are seeking a Bankruptcy Attorney in Dade City, Florida then Jay Weller is the choice for many. Mr. Weller has been representing many of the good people of Dade City, and the surrounding communities, in Bankruptcy and related Programs, since 1993.
The Bankruptcy Attorneys and Paralegals at Weller Legal Group are versed in most areas relating to Bankruptcy, including Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Our law office represents Debtors in the more simple matters in Bankruptcy, to the most complex issues relating to Bankruptcy.
If you are in Debt, we likely have a Program that can help alleviate, or even eliminate that Debt. Our Attorneys are experienced in the many Programs that we offer that are alternatives to Bankruptcy. These Programs include Foreclosure Defense, Lawsuit Defense, Credit Repair, Credit Counseling, and Debt Settlements. We have also helped many Clients obtain Permanent Loan Modifications for their home or Homestead.
The most commonly filed Chapters of Bankruptcy are Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is generally referred to as a Straight Bankruptcy or Straight Liquidation. In Chapter 7 Bankruptcy the Debtor seeks to eliminate or Discharge his or her Unsecured Debts. Unsecured Debts include Credit Cards, Medical Bills, Signature Loans, and other Debts that are not Secured by any form of Collateral.
Although Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is referred to as a Straight Liquidation, most of our Clients are able to retain their most important Assets. The Bankruptcy Exemptions determine what Assets the Debtor may retain or protect in both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. If the Debtor’s Assets significantly those allowed through the Bankruptcy Exemptions, the Debtor may seek to protect his or her Assets through either filing a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or by Converting the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. This is generally, referred to as the Liquidation Test. The Debtor in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy must pay to his or her Unsecured Creditors in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy an equivalent amount to which the Unsecured Creditors would receive if the Debtor filed a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, and his or her Assets that are not Exempt, would receive if such Assets were liquidated or sold by the Chapter 7 Trustee.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy has numerous benefits. A Debtor facing Foreclosure may pay the arrearages to the Bank over a sixty (60) month period, and retain their Homestead, or other Real Property. The Debtor may also significantly reduce automobile payments and other Secured Debts by paying the true value of the Collateral through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
The Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also beneficial for certain Debtors that owe monies to the Internal Revenue Service, or other Taxes. The Debtor may pay such Taxes, often without penalties or interest through a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Plan. Some Tax Debt may be wholly Discharged, meaning the Debtor pays nothing to the Taxing Entity, either through a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.
If you live in Dade City or the greater Tampa Bay region, we are here to provide representation and assistance.
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