Debt is Slavery

DEBT IS SLAVERYIn 2005, Congress passed the Bankruptcy And Consumer Protection Act, a Orwellian named reformation of the Bankruptcy Laws. The passage of the BACPA reflected a narrative that Debtors in their use of the existing Bankruptcy Laws were abusing the system of Credit and Debt. The newspapers and mass media sources were replete with narratives of how a rich scoundrel bought a house in Florida, for example, in order to file Bankruptcy, or otherwise escape his Creditors. Remember, OJ Simpson?

The 2005 Bankruptcy Act took a more punitive position against Debtors in Bankruptcy. However, Congress’ measure is only a part of a larger campaign to place the inhabitants of what is called the United States of America, into further Debt, and yes, further enslavement.
For much of its history, England practiced a concept called Indentured Servitude. A Debtor unable to pay his Creditor, essentially would commit himself to the servitude of the Creditor, in order to repay his Debt. Australia was initially used by England as penal colony for, among other, Debtors unable to repay their Debts. Indentured Servitude was also practiced in the American Colonies, and such Servants were among the original Slaves, brought from England.
For various reasons, popular opinion changed, and Indenture Servitude and Slavery was a least facially abolished in what is now the United States of America.
A tyrannical government, committed to the retention of power and control, will seek to weaken its Subjects in various manners. A weakened population is less able to fight against the tyranny of its government, or its masters.
How is this achieved? Change the Bankruptcy Laws so that Individual Persons are less able to free themselves from the chains of Debt. The committing of a significant portion of their resources towards such Debt, diminishes the ability of these Individuals to use such resources to matters that would benefit each person, Individually.

Devalue the dollar, invite large numbers of Legal and Illegal Immigrants into the same population, weakening the bargaining power and earning ability of the “low-skilled” members of the population, and create large amounts of public Debt. Follow this with increasingly onerous taxation, and you create a population weakened in its ability to counter such tyranny.
Why do you think some politicians are so committed to “gun control” when homicides by firearms are significantly reduced from prior decades. Approximately as many persons in the United States die annually from gun homicides as do persons who die because the Pharmacist cannot read the hand written prescription, written by Doctors. A simple requirement that doctors type their prescription on a typewriter or computer, would save as many lives as those who die from gun homicides.
Question everything. Get your information about local, national and world events from varied sources. Your hold the key to your own chains.

Image credit:  Lane Erickson