Odessa Florida Bankruptcy Attorney

ODESSA FLORIDA BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYFor those seeking a Bankruptcy Attorney in Odessa, Florida, or the greater Tampa Bay region, Weller Legal Group is the choice for many. Since 1993, Jay Weller and the Bankruptcy Attorneys at our Law Offices have represented tens of thousands of Clients in Bankruptcy.
The majority of Bankruptcy filings are under Chapter 7 Bankruptcy and Chapter 13 Bankruptcy. Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a form of Bankruptcy where the Debtor seeks the Discharge of Unsecured Debts. Examples of Unsecured Debts include medical bills, credit cards, Pay Day Loans, signature loans, and deficiencies owed on repossessed Automobiles or other Assets that were formally Secured.
Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is a form of Debt Consolidation or Debt Reorganization. In Chapter 13 Bankruptcy the Debtor makes one monthly payment to the Chapter 13 Trustee, over a period of thirty six (36) to sixty (60) months.
Either Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy carry the benefit of the Automatic Stay. The Automatic Stay prevents most collection efforts by Creditors. Bankruptcy may stop Foreclosures, Lawsuits, Garnishments, and Repossessions.
Our Attorneys and Paralegals are also experienced and knowledgeable in the practice of our remaining Programs which are alternatives to Bankruptcy. Such Programs include Foreclosure Defense, Lawsuit Defense, Credit Repair, and Credit Counseling.
We have Law Offices around the greater Tampa Bay area, including Offices in Tampa, Clearwater, Port Richey, and Lakeland, Florida.
In Tampa, our Direct Number is 813-229-3328 (DEBT). Our Toll Free Number is 1-800-407-3328 (DEBT). Our Direct Number in Clearwater is 727-539-7701, in Port Richey, 727-375-9378, and in Lakeland, 863-802-5505.
Odessa, Florida and greater Tampa Bay Clients may speak directly with Mr. Weller. We do not assign your call to an answering service, or salesperson. If Mr. Weller is unavailable, one of our Bankruptcy Attorneys will speak with you personally.
You may also contact us through our website by Live Chat or through the submission of the Contact Form.
There is no fee for the Initial Consultation with our Office.

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