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The Bankruptcy Attorneys and Paralegals at Weller Legal Group serve the communities of Clearwater, Port Richey and Lakeland, and the sistering Cities to these population hubs. Since 1993, Jay Weller and the Bankruptcy Attorneys at Weller Legal Group have been practicing primarily Bankruptcy Law. Weller Legal Group does offer Legal Services in areas other than Bankruptcy Law, but related to helping persons in Debt. These areas include Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Credit Repair, Settlements, and Credit Counseling. However, the majority of the practice of the Read More +

Bankruptcy and Student Loans

Before Bill Clinton became President, Student Loans were Dischargeable in Bankruptcy provided that the Student Loan was over seven years old, absent any deferrals.  Congress, with Clinton’s cooperation, removed the seven year rule. In 2005, Congress and George W Bush, enacted new Bankruptcy Legislation that provided that almost no Student Loans can be Discharged in Bankruptcy.  One of the few ways that a bankruptcy attorney can provide for a Student Loan to be Discharged in Bankruptcy is if he or she can successfully convince a Read More +

Can the United States of America File Bankruptcy

The total Debt acquired by the Federal Government in Washington, DC, is approaching Twenty Trillion Dollars. The question becomes, with the Federal Government in Debt to a degree that could never be repaid, can the United States of America file Bankruptcy? The Bankruptcy Code provides for many forms of Entities, the opportunity to file Bankruptcy. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy may be filed by a Corporation or an Individual. A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be filed by an Individual but not a Corporation. A Chapter 11 Read More +

the Bankruptcy Filings of Donald Trump (part Two)

SOME THINGS YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW ABOUT BANKRUPTCY AND DONALD TRUMP PART TWO OF TWO In the first part of this series of Articles on Bankruptcy and Donald Trump, the author explained some of the finer details of the Bankruptcy filings of Donald Trump, or specifically, his Corporations that filed Bankruptcy.  Donald Trump, as he has often stated, never filed Bankruptcy personally.  A number of Corporations formed by Mr. Trump have filed Bankruptcy, and Mr. Trump, in attempting a successful reorganization of these Corporations through Read More +

the Bankruptcy Filings of Donald Trump

SOME THINGS YOU PROBABLY DON’T KNOW ABOUT BANKRUPTCY AND DONALD TRUMP PART ONE OF TWO PARTS There has been much recent mention in the mainstream news and among other political opponents of Donald Trump, namely Carly Fiorina, of the numerous Bankruptcies that Donald Trump was involved.  Although Donald Trump never personally filed Bankruptcy, a number of Corporations in which Donald Trump had majority control and ownership, filed Bankruptcy, specifically Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Trump Corporations have filed Bankruptcy four times.  Each Bankruptcy involved Trump Resorts, Hotels Read More +

Ramifications of the Supreme Court’s Lawless Decision in Bank of America V Caulkett

MESSAGE FROM A BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY IN CLEARWATER, FLORIDA PART TWO Jay Weller is a Bankruptcy Attorney in Clearwater, Florida. Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group have Law Offices in Clearwater, Port Richey, and Lakeland, Florida, and have filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies, since 1993. In order to understand this Article, please read Part One. What are the ramifications of the Supreme Court Decision in Bank of America v Caulkett? Why is its construction of the Bankruptcy Code important? Please note that the Supreme Court Decision in Read More +

Message From A Bankruptcy Attorney in Clearwater, Florida

THE SUPREME COURT DECISION IN BANK OF AMERICA V CAULKETT FURTHER ILLUSTRATES ITS LAWLESSNESS PART ONE Jay Weller is a Bankruptcy Attorney with Offices in Clearwater, Port Richey, and Lakeland, Florida. In Caulkett, the Debtor filed Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. The Debtor in Bankruptcy owned a Home with a First and Second Mortgage. The Fair Market Value of the Home was less than the Balance of the First Mortgage. The Second Mortgage, in terms of Bankruptcy, is Wholly Unsecured. Section 506(d) of the Bankruptcy Code provides, Read More +

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Jay Weller has been a practicing Clearwater Bankruptcy Attorney since 1993. Weller Legal Group has represented over 40,000 Clients in Bankruptcy Proceedings and other Debt Related Matters, since its founding in 1993. The Bankruptcy Attorneys, Paralegals and Staff, at our Clearwater Law Office, are dedicated almost exclusively to representing our Clients in the many facets of Bankruptcy Proceedings. The Bankruptcy Attorneys at Weller Legal Group are consistently the highest rated in the Tampa Bay area. If you are need of advice or representation in Bankruptcy, Read More +

Introduction to Mr Jay Weller, Bankruptcy Attorney

My name is Jay Weller and I an Attorney who has represented many thousands of Clients in Bankruptcy Proceedings, since 1993. Myself and my Law Office has filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies and has represented many thousands more Clients through our numerous Non Bankruptcy Programs or Bankruptcy Alternatives. Please examine our website at The website contains information on virtually any subject of Bankruptcy Law and Procedure, with over 100 Videos discussing common questions and issues in Bankruptcy, along with a few hundred pages of information Read More +

Florida Law Provides for the Use of the Florida State Exemptions and Not the Federal Exemptions in Bankruptcy Proceedings

Florida Statute Section 222.20 provides:   In accordance with the provision of s. 522(b) of the Bankruptcy Code of 1978 (11 USC s. 522(b)), residents of this state shall not be entitled to the federal exemptions provided in s. 522(d) of the Bankruptcy Code of 1978 (11 USC s. 522(d)). Nothing herein shall affect the exemptions given to residents of this state by the State Constitution and the Florida Statutes.   HOWEVER, IN SOME CASES, A DEBTOR IN A BANKRUPTCY COURT IN FLORIDA, MAY USE Read More +