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atttorney_law_smThe Bankruptcy Attorneys and Paralegals at Weller Legal Group serve the communities of Clearwater, Port Richey and Lakeland, and the sistering Cities to these population hubs. Since 1993, Jay Weller and the Bankruptcy Attorneys at Weller Legal Group have been practicing primarily Bankruptcy Law.

Weller Legal Group does offer Legal Services in areas other than Bankruptcy Law, but related to helping persons in Debt. These areas include Foreclosure Defense, Loan Modifications, Credit Repair, Settlements, and Credit Counseling. However, the majority of the practice of the Attorneys at Weller Legal Group centers around the practice of Bankruptcy Law.

Since, 1993 Jay Weller has practiced primarily Bankruptcy Law, and has filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies. The majority of our Clients come from referrals from family members and friends of our existing Clients.
Our main Law Office is in Clearwater, Florida. We are located in Clearwater, Fl at 25400 US 19 North in Clearwater, on the West side of US 19, across from Dimmit Chevrolet and about ¼ mile South of the Countryside Mall, now called the Westfield Plaza. If you wish to make an appointment at our Clearwater office to meet with a Bankruptcy Attorney, or Counselor, please Call us at 727-539-7701. An actual Bankruptcy Attorney will guide you through all aspects of the process of Bankruptcy.

You may not need to file Bankruptcy, and as mentioned above, we have numerous programs to help our Clients settle issues revolving around Debt, that does not necessitate filing Bankruptcy. However, if you do file Bankruptcy, you more likely will file either a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy or a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.

A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is also called a Straight Bankruptcy or a Straight Liquidation. Despite, its name, most of our Clients who file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy are able to retain most or all of their Assets, including their Homestead, Automobile, and Personal Property. A Chapter 7 Bankruptcy will Discharge or eliminate, most Unsecured Debts. You may generally keep you Home and Car, provided you are current on the related loan obligations. If your Automobile is owned without a lien, then the Value of the Automobile may determine whether you can keep the Auto in the Chapter 7 Bankruptcy. When you speak with our Bankruptcy Attorney, he or she will discuss these issues with you, and how they relate to your particular case.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also called a Debt Reorganization or Debt Consolidation. In a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, the Bankruptcy Attorney or Debtor is seeking to Reorganize the Debts of the Debtor. Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will stop a Foreclosure on your Home or Homestead. Through the Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Mortgage Mediation Program, the Bankruptcy Attorney can seek to Modify the Terms of the Mortgage, often arrange for the waiving of any Arrearages owed on the Mortgage, and also seek to reduce Interest Rates, Monthly Payments, and other benefits.

A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is also beneficial to a Debtor facing Repossession of his Automobile, who owes a large amount of Debt to the Internal Revenue Service or other Taxing Entity.

If you own a significant amount of Non Exempt Assets in the Bankruptcy, a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy will allow you to retain those Assets and pay your Creditors in one, generally reduced monthly payment. The maximum number of months a Debtor can arrange his Debts in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy is 60 months.

Weller Legal Group also has Bankruptcy Attorneys and Paralegals available to assist you at our Port Richey, Florida Law Office. Many of our Clients from both Pasco and Hernando Counties come to our Port Richey, Fl Office to meet with our Bankruptcy Attorney. We are conveniently located on US 19 North in Port Richey.
Finally, Weller Legal Group has an Office in Lakeland, serving our many Polk County and Plant City clients.
If you are considering whether you need to file Bankruptcy, or am facing some variety of crisis related to Debt, please Contact Weller Legal Group today, by calling either 727-539-7701 or Toll Free at 1-800-407-3328, for a free and friendly Consultation with our Bankruptcy Attorney. You may also contact us though our Contact Portion of our website, at

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