Find A Reputable Bankruptcy Attorney


FIND A REPUTABLE BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEYA Bankruptcy Attorney practicing Chapter 7, Chapter 13, and Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and serving Clearwater, Port Richey and Lakeland, Florida, Jay Weller and the Bankruptcy Lawyers at Weller Legal Group have been representing the Tampa Bay area in Bankruptcy and Debt Related Matters, since 1993.

If you are looking for a reputable and highly rated Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer and you live in the Clearwater, Port Richey and Lakeland communities or surrounding communities, where do you start?  You can look at Google Reviews or other reviewing sites, but who knows who are posting these reviews?  The poster could be a legitimate poster or competition of the Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer, seeking to damage the credibility of the Attorney or Law Firm that is the subject of the review.

You can call the Florida Bar Association or your local Bar Association, such as the Clearwater Bar Association, the St Petersburg Bar Association, or the Pasco Bar Association, and inquire as to a Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer, in your community.  However, the Bar Associations do not have any standards necessary for their referrals, other than the Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer must be in good standing with the Florida Bar, and maybe some insurance requirements.  As long as the Bankruptcy Attorney can meet these requirements, which are a pretty low bar, and agree to a significant fee, such Bankruptcy Attorney or Bankruptcy Lawyer can receive referrals from such Bar Associations.

Some Bankruptcy Attorneys will advertise that they are Board Certified.  What does that mean?  If you are a Board Certified Bankruptcy Attorney in the State of Florida, that means that two Attorneys recommended you to be Board Certified, and you prosecuted two Adversarial Proceedings in the Bankruptcy Court.   Again, not a high hurdle.

My best advice on how to choose a good Bankruptcy Attorney or Lawyer, to represent you, is the same for any professional.  Go to the internet and review the numbers of Bankruptcy Attorneys with websites dedicated to their practice.  Ask friends or family, if they personally know a reputable Bankruptcy Attorney in your region.

Ask, how long has the Bankruptcy Attorney been practicing?  Does the Bankruptcy Lawyer practice only Bankruptcy Law, or does he practice other forms of Law?  How much of his or her practice dedicated to the practice of Bankruptcy Law?  In how many Bankruptcies did the Attorney represent Debtors?

When you call the office of the Attorney, do you have the opportunity to speak with a Bankruptcy Attorney or a knowledgeable Bankruptcy Paralegal?  How do you judge the efficiency and professionalism of the Office of the Bankruptcy Attorney?

Are the fees and costs reasonable, or in line with what other Bankruptcy Attorneys appear to charge?

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