Worried About Income Tax Debt?

Worried About Income Tax Debt?Look no further.

At Weller Legal Group, we are fully equipped to help with your questions regarding the IRS. Constantly receiving mail and phone calls from the United States Treasury can seem threatening and feel unending. Weller Legal Group considers it our privilege to help you understand your options when it comes to your unique tax information.

Understanding the Basics

Q: If I file for bankruptcy, could I wipe out that money that I owe to the IRS?

A: Yes! There are just a few requirements:

Income tax is dischargeable if:

  • It’s over three years old from the date it was initially due to be filed (typically, this date falls April 15th of the following year). For example, if you’re looking at a 2015 tax return that you owe money on, it would have to be filed by April of 2016. It is currently March of 2020, meaning over 3 years have passed since that file date, so you’d be in luck! – your income tax debt for that year would be dischargeable, meaning we could help you wipe out the debt, just like a credit card.
  • You filed taxes more than 2 years ago.

-and- there must be NO:

  • Fraud or willful evasion.
  • Assessments within 240 days.
  • Tax liens.

Still have more questions? Wondering if filing for bankruptcy will help your current situation with the IRS? Contact one of the dedicated team members at The Weller Legal Group today for a consultation regarding your situation.

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