Connecticut – A Legacy of Debt and the Possibility of Chapter 9 Bankruptcy

The State of Connecticut ended the 2017 fiscal year on a note of financial doom. As of the end of December, 2017, the state had the most underfunded pension system in the nation with over $127 billion in government-worker pension liabilities and no viable plan to institute needed reforms. Public-Worker Pensions – The BIG Problem: Pension woes are not the state’s only problem that threatens the economy, but they are the worst. The problem is huge, made up of the following critical components: pensions for Read More +

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy – Santa Cruz, Ca & Calpers Pension Crises

The City of Santa Cruz, CA is one of the latest municipalities to fall into what some have called a “…disturbing trend that will end in a full-fledged pension crisis” across the breadth and width of the nation. Santa Cruz is a California coastal community of 65,000 residents situated some 75 miles southwest of San Francisco. The small city, home to the University of California at Santa Cruz, is heavily dependent upon year-round tourist trade and not much else in the way of economic support. Read More +

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy: Hartford, Detroit, Et Al

The mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Luke Bronin has been intimating for a number of months that the city may need to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Chapter 9 bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy where a municipality can seek to reorganize its debts, and arrange such debts in a reduced payment over a period of years. According to reports, Hartford currently has a $65 million dollar deficit and has problems meeting its obligations, including upcoming shortfalls in revenue of $7 million in November, 2017 and $39.2 Read More +