50 Cent Owes $855,091 to Mother of Child He Sired: G Units’s Bankruptcy Attorney Says, “oy, Vey!”

According to the August 4, 2015 Wall Street Journal Article, Mr. Jackson owes domestic support obligations, in this instance, Child Support, to a former romantic attachment, named Daphne Narvaez. The child of Mr. Jackson and Ms. Narvaez is named Sire.  Sire was born in September of 2012. Numerous articles suggested that 50 Cent did not originally acknowledge his parentage of Sire.  Although the child’s birth certificate named the child, “Sire Jackson”, 50 Cent did not sign the birth certificate.  However, subsequent postings of photographs of Read More +

50 Cent Battles in Bankruptcy Court to Save His Connecticut Mention: Former Home of Iron Mike Tyson is Subject in 50 Cent’s Bankruptcy Filing

In 2003, 50 Cent purchased his home at 50 Poplar Hill Drive, in Connecticut, for $4.1 million dollars.  The Seller was former boxer Mike Tyson. The home has 21 bedrooms and 25 bathrooms.  It features a screening room, dance club or disco, casino, an indoor pool, gymnasium, and a basketball court.  The house spans 51,657 square feet. After purchasing the Poplar Hill property, 50 Cent invested an additional $6-10 million dollars into the property. According to an October 7, 2015 Article in Realtor.com, the property Read More +

Former Paramour of Rick Ross Damaged By Rapper 50 Cent’s Publication of Sex Tape: the Misadvantures of Pimpin’ Curly

The feud began, allegedly in 2009, when Rick Ross criticized Fifty Cent on a rap song “Mafia Music”, in retaliation for when Fifty Cent gave him a dirty look at the BET Awards, of which they were both in attendance.  Fifty Cents according to the same Article in the Daily Mirror, claims he did not remember seeing Rick Ross at the BET Awards event. Fifty Cents responded with his own rap song, entitled “Officer Rickey”, his own slur against Mr. Ross, who was a former Read More +