50 Cent Owes $855,091 to Mother of Child He Sired: G Units’s Bankruptcy Attorney Says, “oy, Vey!”

50 Cent Owes $855,091 to mother of Child He Sired: G Units's Bankruptcy Attorney Says, "Oy, Vey!"According to the August 4, 2015 Wall Street Journal Article, Mr. Jackson owes domestic support obligations, in this instance, Child Support, to a former romantic attachment, named Daphne Narvaez.

The child of Mr. Jackson and Ms. Narvaez is named Sire.  Sire was born in September of 2012.

Numerous articles suggested that 50 Cent did not originally acknowledge his parentage of Sire.  Although the child’s birth certificate named the child, “Sire Jackson”, 50 Cent did not sign the birth certificate.  However, subsequent postings of photographs of Sire on Social Media, and other statements by 50 Cent may indicate that the rapper considers Sire to be his child.

Ms. Narvaez is the second woman with whom Mr. Jackson is said to have produced a child.  The first woman is Shaniqua Tompkins, with whom Mr. Jackson produced a child named Marquise.

Ms. Narvaez was born on February 8, 1987, in Olongapo, Philippines, to a Puerto Rican father and a Filipino mother.

In recent years, Mr. Jackson was charged with five counts, including one count of domestic violence, and four counts of vandalism, arising from a conflict with Ms. Narvaez, at her Toluca Lake condominium, in California.  In the altercation, Ms. Narvaez allegedly locked herself in her bedroom, and Mr. Jackson broke down the door and kicked her.

Mr. Jackson eventually pleaded no contest to the vandalism and the domestic violence charge was dropped.  As part of the plea, Mr. Jackson agreed to Counseling and paid Ms. Narvaez $7,100 for damages to the condominium.  A Restraining Order that Ms. Narvaez had secured against Mr. Jackson remained in effect.

A Wall Street Journal Article recounts the rap artist DMX, who filed for Bankruptcy in 2013, stating that his $1.2 million dollars in Child Support obligations prevented him acquiring a passport, in order to perform outside the United States.

Although Mr. Jackson may owe almost $856,000 in Child Support to Ms. Narvaez, most media sources appear to describe this obligation in an inaccurate fashion.  The suggestion is that Mr. Jackson is delinquent in his Child Support obligations in an amount approaching $856,000.

However, an August 6, 2015 Article in Euroweb states that the claim of $855,091, filed by Ms. Narvaez in Mr. Jackson’s Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, represents the sum total of Child Support that Mr. Jackson is required to pay, until Sire attains eighteen years of age.  Mr. Jackson is ordered to pay Child Support to Ms. Narvaez for approximately another 16 years, and at $4,330 per month, that obligation will total $855,091, according to Ms. Narvaez’s calculations.

This author will examine the dynamics of the Child Support obligations of Mr. Jackson in his Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, and the accompanying bankruptcy laws, and strategies, in subsequent chapters of this Series.

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