Do Not Allow Debt Collectors and Bankruptcy Ruin Your Mental Health

blankThe number of professional economists that have plans to keep on working beyond their 70th birthdays is a lot higher than the overall percentage of workers planning the same thing. But it is stressful to think about money all the time no matter how well you adhere to the budget. Financial hardships can ruin your mental health. This is made worse when debt collectors are continuously bombarding your emails and phones with aggressive communications regarding the debt. The first step for getting out of bankruptcy is contacting a debt lawyer.

Harassment by a debt collector is indeed considered to be harassment

After you have told a debt collector that you can’t pay up, they will not leave you alone. If you ignore their attempts at communication, they will still try to contact you. All the attempts you make to be left alone make them even bolder. If you try to be polite, they will consider it to be fear, if you are nasty, they will get even nastier. The way these debt collectors and creditors behave towards people that are unable to pay their debts is in reality harassment.

Harassment suffering

People are commenting online suggesting that the harassment from debt collectors is harming their mental health. One of the people suffering from this problem said that her anxiety continued even after paying $60,000 for debt. This person compared the anxiety and hypervigilance about debts and related communication to PTSD or post-traumatic stress disorder. Even though she has not confirmed about a doctor diagnosing her with the illness of PTSD. She is under treatment from a financial therapist these days.

Inform the creditors if you have a mental health condition

All the debt collection agencies are government regulated. There are guidelines for the debt collection agencies to operate in a specific state. They have to mention their policies for communicating with vulnerable customers. After you have informed the debt collector about your mental health, he is obliged to refer the case to specialized teams that decide the best method for dealing with your problems while taking into consideration your mental health. Some of the alternatives include contacting you at a set time, contacting you in specified ways, and placing further activities on hold if required.

Take help from a debt lawyer

A good debt lawyer can help you in escaping from the trouble caused by debt collector harassment in several ways. Initially, he can send a formal request to your creditors requesting them to not get in touch with you about the debt. After they have received this request, they need to stop contacting you immediately. This debt lawyer can now help you to plan a suitable strategy for tackling the debts. This may involve negotiating settlement options with the creditors. He can also help in consolidating the debts or filing for bankruptcy.

You need to tackle the debts by standing up to the debt collector bullies. The initial step for addressing the debt is getting into a situation where these debt collectors are no longer in a position to bully you. If you live in Tampa, FL area, get in touch with Weller Legal Group for expert assistance.

Picture Credit: Crello