the Clampdown Begins on Payday Loans

PayDay Loans Under Increased Scrutiny From Federal And State Governments By Jay Weller Pay Day loans, although easy to procure, usually carry with them extremely high interest rates and burdensome terms and fees. Often Borrowers are caught in a mire where they need to continually borrow from such Lenders to pay their essential bills. Recently, the Attorney General of Illinois, Lisa Madigan, accused on such Lender of misleading Borrowers who procured expensive loans that come bundled with insurance products that were not needed or useful. Read More +

Dim Prospects for Students with Student Loans

Student Loans Increasingly Come With Lesser Returns And More Burdensome Debt By Jay Weller The Federal Reserve recently reported that less Consumer Loans have reached delinquency than in recent years. This trend is not true for Student Loans where delinquencies continue to climb, and Loans are made without consideration of a Student’s ability to pay. Beginning in 2003, the New York Fed has been examining files procured from Equifax to analyze the dynamics involved with Student Loans. Prior to 2009, young people with Student Loans Read More +

Social Security

Social Security Law If you are in need of representation to assist with you any social security legal issue in the Tampa Bay area please contact us today so that we may further assist you. In general, Social Security benefits are Exempt from Creditors in the State of Florida, and the United States, but there are some exceptions where Social Security benefits are not Exempt, or protected from Creditors in the State of Florida, or protected from the Bankruptcy Trustee or Creditors, in Bankruptcy Proceedings. Read More +

Personal Injury

Personal Injury If you are injured while visiting someone else’ property, you might have what is constantly referred to as a “slip and fall” case. A slip, trip, and fall case is a type of premises liability claim. Property owners have a legal obligation to provide a reasonably safe environment to people who are lawfully on their property. When they fail in this duty and someone i injured, the property owner is liable for damages, including the victim’s medical bills, pain and suffering, lost wages Read More +

Family Law

Family Law Contact us to discuss family law legal representation and find out what your options are today. Dissolution of Marriage In Florida In Florida, the proper legal description of Divorce is Dissolution of Marriage. Florida is a State that does not require Fault as a basis or grounds for Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage. In order to initiate a Regular Dissolution Of Marriage, one must file a Petition for Dissolution Of Marriage in the County in which one or the other party resides, or Read More +


Green Card (Permanent Residence) Remove Conditions On Green Card Green Card Through Family Green Card Through A Job Working In The United States Permanent Workers Temporary (Nonimmigrant) Workers Temporary Visitors For Business Student And Exchange Visitors Citizenship Citizenship Through Naturalization Citizenship Through Parents Family Family of US Citizens Family of Green Card Holders Family of Refugees & Asylees Fiance’ & Marriage Visas Provisional Waivers Immigration Our Lawyers can assist you in areas of Immigration Law. Legal Services that our Law Firm provides in terms of Read More +

Corporate Law

Corporate Law Corporations Limited Liability Company (LLC) Professional Limited Liability Company Corporate Trusts Non-Profit Corporations   A. Corporations   Corporate Law There are two main types of Corporations. A “C” Corporation is a separate entity from its individual owners. A Corporation provides its shareholders with protection from liability and protection from personal responsibility from contracts, debts and other obligations. Corporate profits are taxed at the corporate level and also taxed to the individual shareholders. A “S” Corporation is much like a “C” Corporation in its Read More +

Estate Planning

  Revocable Trusts Irrevocable Trusts Pour-Over Trusts Trust For Minors Living Wills Health Care Surrogate Durable Power Of Attorney   Probate Simple Administration Formal Administration Disposition Of Personal Property Without Administration Wills Simple Will Will With Pour-Over ProvisionWill Establishing A Trust Do Not Resuscitate Orders (DNRs) Estate Planning In matters of Estate Planning Law, we offer Legal Representation in the areas of Revocable Trusts, Irrevocable Trusts, Pour Over Trusts, Trusts For Minors, Living Wills, Health Care Surrogate, Durable Power Of Attorney, Probate, including Simple Administration Read More +