Celebrities Who Filed Bankruptcy


Spring Hill, Florida Resident Johhny B asks the Bankruptcy Lawyer, what famous Celebrities or Public Figures have filed Bankruptcy?

A number of well known Celebrities and Public Figures have filed Bankruptcy.  This Video gives an extensive list of such Persons who have filed Bankruptcy.

Among the surprises on the list, for some, may be that Abraham Lincoln and Henry Ford filed Bankruptcy.  More recently, Fifty Cent, the Rapper, has also filed Bankruptcy.  Fifty Cent filed Chapter 11 Bankruptcy, along with Burt Reynolds, and others.  Generally, a Person will file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy when he or she seeks to Reorganize his or her Debts, has a significant amount of Unsecured and Secured Debt, generally exceeding a million dollars, and has Assets that he or she wishes to retain, that are ordinarily considered Not Exempt according to Bankruptcy Law.