Bankruptcy Chapter 7 Cost

Bankruptcy Chapter 7 CostThe cost of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy may differ depending upon the region or jurisdiction in which the debtor files Chapter 7 bankruptcy. This means the cost in terms of attorney fees may differ. The filing fees are the same within all of the jurisdictions in the United States.

The filing fee for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $335, as of May, 2017. No matter where one files Chapter 7 in the United States, the filing fee is $335. The filing fee has been steadily increased over the years. In 1993, the filing for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy was $160, according to the recollection of the writer, Jay Weller.

The attorney fees for a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can vary according to a number of factors. In a jurisdiction with higher costs of operation, taxes, and other detriments to the operation of a business, the attorney fees can be significantly higher than those charged in a jurisdiction with a lower cost of operation.

The attorney fees can also differ depending upon the difficulty inherent in the particular Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing and prosecution. Some Chapter 7 filings involve more effort or work on the part of the bankruptcy attorney.

In the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Division, the attorney fees for Chapter 7 bankruptcy usually range from a low of $800 to a maximum of $2,000. The US Trustee and the bankruptcy court govern over the maximum permissible attorney fees a bankruptcy attorney may charge for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. At the time of the writing of this article, the writer believes that the maximum fee for attorney representation in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is $2,000. A bankruptcy attorney may charge more than $2,000 if he or she can demonstrate additional work in the bankruptcy justifying a higher fee. The attorney may be required to show time records indicating the number of hours committed to the representation of the debtor in the Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

Another factor that can determine the attorney fees charged in the bankruptcy is the fees demanded by the attorney himself of herself. Some attorneys, as some other professionals, simply charge or demand more for their services. Sometimes, the higher fee is justified. The attorney may provide a higher level of service and representation than others providing such like services. Sometimes, the fee is not justified and is simply based upon the demands of the attorney.

It is sometimes difficult to make such a determination. Does a higher fee mean the service is superior than that charged by a professional or service provider who charges a lower fee. The author remembers a sign in an Italian deli. If one pays a higher than average fee for a service, the purchaser usually receives what he or she wants by the tendering of the fee. If one pays substantially lower for a service or good than is the average cost then he or she may receive a superior service or good, but more likely will not.

The best advice is to speak with an attorney regarding your particular situation as it pertains to debt and bankruptcy. Have a basic knowledge of the subject, such as Chapter 7 bankruptcy, before consulting with the attorney. Meet the attorney and make a decision based upon your own intuition and critical thought.

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