What is A Confirmation Hearing in A Chapter 13 Bankruptcy?

Jennifer V from Palm Harbor, Florida, asked the Bankruptcy Attorney, What is a Confirmation Hearing in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Here is a Video explaining the Confirmation Hearing and Process in a Chapter 13 Bankruptcy:

Sections 1324 and 1325 of the Bankruptcy Code address the concept of a Confirmation Hearing in Chapter 13 Bankruptcy.  Generally, the Confirmation Hearing is held between twenty to forty five days after the completion of the 341 Meeting of Creditors.

The status and reverence bestowed upon the Confirmation Hearing has changed dramatically in the time that I have been practicing Bankruptcy Law.  When I first began practicing Bankruptcy Law in 1993, the Confirmation Hearing was perhaps the central event in any Chapter 13 Bankruptcy filing.  Most, if not all, the Bankruptcy Judges in the Tampa Division required that the Debtors and the Attorneys attend the Confirmation Hearing.

Early in my practice as a Bankruptcy Attorney, Judge Corcoran was a Bankruptcy Judge in Tampa.  Judge Corcoran required that not only should all the Debtors attend the Confirmation Hearing, along with their Attorneys, but that all male Debtors wear a tie.  I would keep a stack of ties in my briefcase because some of my Clients didn’t have ties or forgot, or for whatever reason.

Today, usually the Debtors, and often the Attorneys themselves, are not often required to attend the final Confirmation Hearing.  Life changes, old Judges leave.  The new ones come.

Judge Corcoran is now a Catholic Priest.


Thank you, Jennifer V of Palm Harbor, Florida, for your question.