University of Minnesota Eeoc Report on Football Players’ Rape Allegations

UNIVERSITY OF MINNESOTA EEOC REPORT ON FOOTBALL PLAYERS’ RAPE ALLEGATIONSThe University of Minnesota conducted its own investigation of the football players who are alleged to have participated in the sexual assault of the 22 year old female college student, on September 2, 2016.  The University’s Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA) after a federally mandated investigation, compiled an 82 page report, which aggregates the accusations against the players alleged to have participated in the sexual assault.

The EEOA report varies dramatically from the report delivered by the Minneapolis Police Department, which found, in conjunction with the Hannepin County Attorneys Office, and the HCOA Sex Crimes Team, that there was no probable cause to bring charges against the football players alleged to have participated in the sexual assault of the female student.

The players accused in the report were administered various forms of punishment by the University.  Expulsion was recommended for five players; Ray Buford, Carlton Djam, KiAnte Hardin, Dior Johnson, and Tamarion Johnson.  The Office also recommended a one year suspension or probation for Seth Green, Kobe McCrary, Mark Williams, Antoine Winfield, Jr, and Antonio Shenault.

Based upon the report, the University’s Athletics Director and President made a joint decision to suspend all 10 football players.

Led by Drew Wolitarsky, a senior wide receiver on the team, the players united in a boycott, maintaining that all the players on the team agreed they would not participate in further team activities, including the Holiday Bowl against Washington State, on December 27, 2016, if such sanctions were not lifted.  The players’ central argument appeared to be that such boycott was warranted, because the accused players were not afforded a proper hearing and due process, to defend against the claims rendered against them.

A meeting between University President Eric Kaler and team leaders appears to have prompted the team to decide to abandon the boycott.  Numerous reports indicate that the team leaders were presented the EEOC report prepared by the University investigators, at that meeting.  Such reports speculate that the contents of the report ultimately were the main impetus for the dissolution of the boycott.

The EEOC report, which was leaked to KSTP-TV, offers the most detailed descriptions of the encounter between the female student, and the accused players.  Below is a link to the EEOC report and the police report prepared by members of the Minneapolis Police Department assigned to investigate.

The Minneapolis Police Department report was compiled by the reporting officer, Sherral Schmidt, supervising officer, David Hansen, investigators, Eric Fauleoner and Matthew Wente.  The decision to not bring criminal charges was made by the Hennepin County Attorneys Office, with the participation of Therese Galalowitsch, who is the supervisor of the HCAO Sex Crimes Team.

Based upon the horrific description of the events of September 2 contained in the EEOC report, which appears much more detailed and extensive than the investigation committed by the Minneapolis Police Department, one can reasonably assume that criminal charges against at least ten of the football players may be forthcoming.

Here is a link to both the EEOC report and the police report.  The author wants the readers to be prepared before reading these reports, in particular, the EEOC report, as the contents are very disturbing:

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