the Rise of the “foreclosure Rescue” Companies

   With the many millions of homeowners having difficulty with the terms of their mortgages, there has been created a large number of groups that portend to assist such homeowners in modifying their mortgages. While there are legitimate and well meaning participants, there are also a number of unscrupulous foreclosure rescue companies that are essentially scams. Such bad actors often make unsubstantiated promises such as guarantees that one can retain their home or receive a lower mortgage payment.

Weller Legal Group and Jay Weller have been assisting homeowners in seeking home loan modifications for many years. A knowledgeable and dedicated representative employed to assist a homeowner in a loan modification can many times achieve beneficial results for his clients. However, there is no guarantee that any given homeowner will be able to keep his home or receive a loan modification.

Before a homeowner enlists with such a bad actor, it is best that he become as fully informed as possible, as to the dynamics and information of loan modification. Whether and what type of loan modification a homeowner may be eligible depends upon a number of factors, including what type of mortgage he has, his income, his reason for delinquency on a mortgage, whether he is delinquent, and a host of other factors. A dedicated homeowner can learn much of this information upon his own initiative. An organization such as Weller Legal Group can well and better assist such a knowledgeable homeowner. Our extensive knowledge of loan modifications can further increase the likelihood the homeowner will receive a beneficial loan modification.

Successful loan modifications almost always are dependent upon a dedicated homeowner who is willing to endure the maddening array of document requests by the lender or servicer, and the frustrations that are attendant with working or negotiating with such lenders. Weller Legal Group has knowledge and an attention to detail that is necessary to achieve beneficial results in loan modification efforts. The combination of a dedicated homeowner and a knowledgeable and relentless representative of the homeowner’s interests, typically yields the best results in loan modification matters.