Summer Activities and Coronavirus

Summer Activities And CoronavirusIf you live in Tampa, FL, or plan on traveling there this summer, you’re probably concerned about participating in all the fun things the state has to offer. While summer is typically a prime time for vacations and amusement, coronavirus has turned all that upside down.

You’re probably wondering just like everyone else in the world right now, what is safe and what is not. While social distancing and wearing a mask are key components to protect yourself and others and are the best defense at slowing the spread of the virus, what are the risks of some of the common summer activities in the area?

Here are some common summer family activities that take place around Tampa, FL, and how the coronavirus might affect them.

Common Family Activities

Theme Parks – Moderate Risk

When you think of Tampa, FL, or Florida in general, the first thing most people think of is theme parks. Some of Florida’s biggest theme parks have reopened for the summer. While plans for reopening indicated working to reduce crowd sizes, disinfecting, and encouraging social distancing, it’s hard to say how well those plans will work as visitors stream in.

On the plus side, theme parks are an outdoor venue, for the most part, so ventilation doesn’t pose a problem. But on the downside, rides, seating, bathrooms, etc will all be high-touch areas and pose a great risk of contamination. Standing in lines among big crowds could also prove to be problematic.

Staying in a hotel – Moderate risk

While air travel has started back to normal, many families are choosing a road trip in the Family Truckster as the means of transportation. But once they reach their destination, they have to have somewhere to stay, right?

Staying at a hotel is moderately risky due to a large number of guests in one building. Hotels have many common areas like elevators, pools, vending areas, restaurants, buffets, lobbies, gyms, etc. These areas are heavy in high touch surfaces.

A better idea for your vacation to Tampa, FL might be a rental home promising a good disinfection process between stays. Airbnb is more popular than ever so now might be a good time to jump on that alternative accommodation bandwagon.

Going to the beach – Low risk

Are those Tampa, FL beaches calling your name? A visit to the beach can be a relatively low-risk activity, as long as you follow a few guidelines.

Beachgoers typically try to find their own space on the sand. They do social distance themselves naturally, so just go with the flow and keep your distance. Well ventilated outdoors, the biggest risk is coming into close contact with others.

Kids should stay with their families and not play with others that aren’t in the group they came with. Don’t share toys in or out of the water and keep towels to yourselves as well. Remember that the main way the virus is transmitted is through droplets shared between people, so proper social distancing, both on land on in the water, as usual, is your friend.

Another thing to remember is not to share food or drink with anyone as well. Beach picnics are fun, but bring your own nourishment and keep it to yourself.

If you choose to partake in some of these fun summer activities in Tampa, FL or anyplace else, remember your best defenses; maintain social distancing, steer clear of high-touch surfaces, avoid large crowds, and above all else, think of yourself, your family, and everyone in those high-risk groups and consider wearing a mask. Masks not only protect you, but they help protect everyone else around you as well.

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