Sam Ash Music Store Formerly the Kapok Tree Restaurant

SAM ASH MUSIC STORE FORMALLY THE KAPOK TREE RESTAURANTThe Sam Ash Music Store in Clearwater was formerly the Kapok Tree Restaurant.  Technically, the Sam Ash Store is probably located in Safety Harbor, rather than Clearwater.

The Kapok Tree Restaurant was created in 1957 and continued its operations until 1991.  Its founders, Richard B Baumgardner and Jim Jones created a monstrous complex with 12 dining rooms, each with its own theme, and seating for hundreds of patrons.  Its architecture has strong Italian and Greek influences with fountains that distribute over 60,000 gallons of water per hour.

In 1976, the year Mr. Baumgardner died, the Kapok Tree Restaurant was named one of the top one hundred Restaurants in the United States.  Litigation between family members and ownership changes eventually led to the closing of the Restaurant in 1991.

Today, the Sam Ash Music Store occupies most of what was formerly the Restaurant.  As you can see from theSAM ASH MUSIC STORE FORMALLY THE KAPOK TREE RESTAURANT photographs, the premises are enormous.  I have been in many music stores over the last twenty years and the Sam Ash Store in Clearwater is the largest store I have ever seen.  In addition to a large selection of guitars, percussion and other musical instruments, Sam Ash also boasts its own recording studio, music lessons, and its own school of music.  I understand the premises still hosts weddings and other events, which seems appropriate when you examine the photographs.

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