Refund Request Template

Refund Request Template


In response to your request for a refund of the fees that you have paid to our office, a full review of your case has been conducted.

It appears that you have paid a total of [AMOUNT IN DOLLARS PAID] to our office for legal services. A review of your file reveals that you have scheduled a total of [NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS] with the office, of which [NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS CONDUCTED] appointments were conducted. Each appointment with our office incurs an attorney fee of $175 per one half hour and $350 per hour.

If a client does not appear for his or her appointment or fails to reschedule the appointment at least 72 hours in advance, then such fee or fees must be charged. Another client needing legal services could have received the benefit of that reserved time. Furthermore, the office loses revenue because it held an appointment for a client who either did not appear for the appointment or failed to reschedule outside of the prescribed 72 hour period.

In addition, this office has incurred other expenses on your behalf involving the administration of your case, answering creditor calls, and other efforts relating to your case.

The retainer agreement that you entered with our office is a contract which plainly states that all fees are paid upon receipt and are not refundable.

In your case, you have scheduled a total of [NUMBER OF APPOINTMENTS] with our office. Each of these appointments would necessitate a reservation of one-half hour office time, incurring a total of [AMOUNT IN DOLLARS] incurred in attorney fees.

Regrettably, in your case, you have incurred more attorney fees than you have paid to our office. However, Weller Legal Group PA generally will allow clients to receive a credit for the attorney fees paid and enter an arrangement for the client to pay any attorney fees that were incurred, but not paid. I will speak with the senior attorney on your behalf, if you decide you wish Weller Legal Group PA to continue its representation in your case.

I have also been informed Weller Legal Group typically does not pursue clients who have unpaid attorney fees.

Please advise by email to [EMPLOYEE EMAIL ADDRESS] or contact myself at our office at 727-539-7701, if you wish for me to speak with the senior attorney regarding the options presented in this letter. I will make all reasonable efforts to help you in this matter.



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