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Family Law

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Dissolution of Marriage In Florida

In Florida, the proper legal description of Divorce is Dissolution of Marriage. Florida is a State that does not require Fault as a basis or grounds for Divorce, or Dissolution of Marriage.

In order to initiate a Regular Dissolution Of Marriage, one must file a Petition for Dissolution Of Marriage in the County in which one or the other party resides, or where the married parties last lived together. The Petition must allege that the Marriage is Irretrievably Broken, and must list the demands that the Petitioner is requesting of the Court.

Within twenty days of receiving Service of the Petition for Dissolution Of Marriage, the Respondent must file an Answer with the Court, and may file a Counter Petition for Dissolution Of Marriage, that may list additional matters that the Respondent would like the Court to hear.

A Simplified Dissolution Of Marriage occurs generally when both Parties are more amicable and agreeable as to the Issues in the Dissolution. A Simplified Dissolution Of Marriage requires that both Parties consent to the Simplified Procedure. Second, there cannot be any Minor Children under the age of eighteen, or any Dependent Children. The Wife may not be pregnant. One of the Parties must have Resided in the State of Florida at least six months. The Parties must agree on how Assets and Property and Debts of the Marriage are to be distributed. Neither of the Parties can be seeking Alimony and the Marriage must be, in the opinion of both parties, Irretrievably Broken.

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