Clearwater Beach, Florida

Clearwater Beach FL sunset

Here are some photographs that I have recently taken, in May of 2016, at Clearwater Beach. The first photograph is taken from the fifth floor of a building located at Island Way Estates, a man-made island that forms the Intercoastal that lies behind the main beach, which fronts the Gulf of Mexico, known as Clearwater Beach.

The photograph was taken with an Iphone 3 telephone/camera. I used some of the editing functions available with the camera, including the “Enhancement” function, and a filter called “Process”.

I like this photograph because of its general feel, and the solitary boat that is traveling around the center of the photograph.

The second photograph was taken while traveling in a moving automobile on the main Causeway that brings travelers to Clearwater Beach. With this photograph, I also used the “Enhancement” function and applied the filter available on the same telephone/camera called “Transfer”.

I have found that some of the best photographs are taken toward dusk, in the hours before the Sun finally sets. This is especially true when taking photographs of subjects around Clearwater Beach. At Clearwater Beach, every evening offers a different Sunset. Some of the Sunsets are very striking and unusual. Some of the best Sunsets at Clearwater Beach, in my opinion, come in the winter months.

Sunsets are potentially my favorite thing about Florida.

One can take very nice photographs with these camera phones. I imagine these phones will get continually better in the future.

If any readers wish to use these photographs for any reason, commercial or otherwise, please feel free to do so. Simply post a “thankyou” to our website please.

Clearwater Beach FL sunset