Budgeting for the Christmas and Holiday Season (part 2)

BUDGETING FOR THE CHRISTMAS AND HOLIDAY SEASONAs a Bankruptcy Lawyer or Bankruptcy Attorney in Clearwater, Florida, many Clients have questions as to how to Budget their Finances during the Christmas and Holiday Season.  In the prior Blog Post, we discussed the first step of discerning what elements that are directly deducted from you Gross Income can be reduced.

After you have determined your total monthly take home income, then determine what are your monthly expenses.  Write on the top of a piece of paper you take home income and then under that figure, write down your monthly expenses.  Now, determine what expenses are not necessary or should be reduced or limited.  Repeat this process monthly.

Attempt to create a cushion in your Budget by committing 5% to 10% of your monthly income to Savings.  I understand that in the real world, this may not be possible.  However, it is important to create some Savings for emergencies or other needs, including a Christmas or Holiday fund.  If you spend money on presents or other gifts or expenses during the Holiday Season, it is best to determine how much of your monthly budget you can afford towards such expenses, and then save such monies monthly as part of your Budget.

I hope this Blog and the prior Blog article have given some helpful advice regarding Budgeting during the Holiday and Christmas Season.  Thank you for your Consideration.

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