Bankruptcy Attorney Question From Lakeland, Florida: Who is Jay Weller?

Charles K Reed of Lakeland, Florida writes, who is Jay Weller? Jay Weller is an Attorney who primarily practices Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Weller graduated from the University at Buffalo in 1990 and from the University of Akron Law School in 1993. In Law School, the majority of Mr. Weller’s elective courses were in Bankruptcy Law or related to Bankruptcy Law, such as Secured Transactions.

After graduation from Law School, Mr. Weller immediately moved to the Tampa Bay area and secured a position in a Law Firm called Debt Relief Legal Services, which only practiced in the area of Bankruptcy Law. Debt Relief Legal Services no longer exists, but at the time, it was the largest Bankruptcy Law Firm in the Tampa Bay area, with offices in Clearwater, Port Richey, Lakeland, Brandon, and other Cities. The Bankruptcy Attorneys at Debt Relief were generally very knowledgeable and experienced in matters of Bankruptcy Law, and this afforded an opportunity to learn a tremendous amount regarding every aspect of the practice of Bankruptcy Law.

Mr. Weller founded Weller Legal Group in 1995 and quickly grew from one Office in Clearwater, to multiple offices, including Port Richey, Tampa, Lakeland, Orlando and Miami. Since 1995 Mr. Weller, and the Bankruptcy Attorneys at Weller Legal Group have filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies. Weller Legal Group is now the largest Bankruptcy Law Firm in the Tampa Bay area, and the most prominent and highest rated.

Weller Legal Group offers representation in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, Chapter 11 Bankruptcy and Chapter 12. Weller Legal Group also offers representation in matters related to Debt, such as Foreclosure Defense, Debt Settlements, Creditor Harassment Matters, Credit Repair, and Credit Counseling. Weller Legal Group is the only Law Firm in the Tampa Bay area offering representation and assistance for every issues relating to Debt.