Bankruptcy Attorney in Port Richey

If you are seeking a bankruptcy attorney in Port Richey, Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group is one of the longest standing bankruptcy law firms in the Port Richey community.  The bankruptcy attorneys and paralegals at Weller Legal have been dedication to the representation of individuals and businesses in the Port Richey area, since 1993.

Our office in Port Richey, Florida is conveniently located on US 19 in Port Richey, in the BB&T bank building, on the East side of US 19, in front of the Gulf View Mall.  There is an elevator in the bank building for those unable to ascend to the second floor via the stairs.

Mr. Weller offers a free consultation to those seeking representation in bankruptcy, and those unsure of how to approach whatever issue of debt is confronting them.  The creditors can be very aggressive and unforgiving.  However, armed with information and knowledge of one’s rights and remedies, such matters can be positioned to one’s advantage.

The bankruptcy attorneys at Weller Legal are dedicated and knowledgeable in all aspects related to bankruptcy law.  The majority of our clients who file bankruptcy, file either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Our website has both general and detailed discussions of Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy, along with the sister programs we offer for those either seeking an alternative method towards solving their debt issues, or for whom a bankruptcy is not a viable solution.

If you are considering whether to file bankruptcy, or do not know what to do, Mr. Weller will be pleased to meet with you to discuss your particular situation.  The initial consultation is free of charge.  Our bankruptcy attorney will meet with you, analyze fully your situation, and recommend possible remedies.

If you are in need of representation, please contact our office today toll free at 1-800-407-3328 (DEBT) or through our website at  Our bankruptcy attorney in Port Richey is her to help you.