Home Owners’ Association Dues In Bankruptcy

Homeowners’ Associations are a fact in Florida, from the Deed-Restricted Communities to the Condominium Associations and Co-ops, many Floridians pay Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly Assessments to enjoy the benefits of architectural uniformity, common grounds maintenance and security. Adhering to community standards in turn helps maintain the appeal of the development, thereby increasing property values, and leading to happy homeowners. But sometimes, homeowners fall behind in their dues. This is a brief overview of how these back fees and assessments are treated in Bankruptcy. What is Read More +

Tarpon Springs Florida

General Information Tarpon Springs, Florida is a quaint nostalgic city with a population of approximately 25,000 people. It is located in Pinellas County on the Anclote River less than a mile from the Gulf of Mexico on the west coast of Florida. Its’ location is about 30 miles northwest of Tampa and just 20 minutes north of Clearwater. This city is a modern day “Little Greece” and is primarily recognized today for its’ famed sponge docks and Greek heritage. Markedly, Tarpon Springs has more Greek Read More +

Chapter 9 Bankruptcy: Hartford, Detroit, Et Al

The mayor of Hartford, Connecticut, Luke Bronin has been intimating for a number of months that the city may need to file Chapter 9 bankruptcy. Chapter 9 bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy where a municipality can seek to reorganize its debts, and arrange such debts in a reduced payment over a period of years. According to reports, Hartford currently has a $65 million dollar deficit and has problems meeting its obligations, including upcoming shortfalls in revenue of $7 million in November, 2017 and $39.2 Read More +

Clearwater, Florida

EARLY HISTORY According to Wikipedia, one of the early tribes that resided in the area now known as Clearwater, Florida, was the Tocobaga peoples. In the early history of the area now referred to as Clearwater, Florida, there were clear springs that led from the banks of Clearwater into the bay.  These springs no longer exist.  The banks were located upon the high bluffs where is now located city hall and downtown Clearwater.  The early settlers referred to Clearwater as Clearwater Harbor, ostensibly because of Read More +

Debt Slavery Replacement Of Traditional Slavery And Involuntary Servitude And The Real Reason For The Civil War – Part I

The Civil War was an enormously destructive period in American History.  Many lives were lost in the War between the Union and Confederate Forces.  Contrary to what the readers are typically taught in the primary and secondary educational institutions in the United States, the primary purpose of the Civil War was not to end of scourge of human slavery, but to maintain the Union, and to establish and enhance the supremacy of the National or Federal Government, over the individual States.  Furthermore, slavery, as it Read More +

The Architects Of Your Enslavement (part Ii Of Iii)

The Housing Collapse Of 2005 Part II of III The Bush Administration simply followed the lead provided by its Predecessors.  With the elimination of Glass Steagall, the easy money kept flowing.  Ian Greenspan kept the Interest Rates low.  The Bush Administration mostly ran interference against any form of oversight, or actively encourage irresponsible Lending. In a pure economy where Interest Rates are determined by the risk presented by Lenders of real money, to Borrowers, any form of government “oversight” or regulation would be probably mostly Read More +

The Architects Of Your Enslavement (part I Of Iii)

Bill Clinton, Bush, Bankers and Servicers, Et Al Part I of III Bill Clinton, during his tenure as President of the United States, signed numerous pieces of Legislation that ultimately lead to the Housing Bubble and its eventual rupture, and the loss of millions of homes by some homeowners, and the reduction of the values of many millions of other homes, in the United States.  Mr Clinton signed the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act which essentially repealed the Glass-Steagall Act.  The Glass-Steagall Act was considered an important part Read More +

The Chapter 11 Bankruptcy Of Curtis James Jackson, Iii Aka 50 Cent

This Article is the first entry in this Author’s Series on the Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing of Curtis James Jackson III, or the man more famously known as 50 Cent, Fiddy, and sometimes, G Unit.  The entries in this Series  will be presented, as follows: FORMER PARAMOUR OF RICK ROSS DAMAGED BY RAPPER 50 CENT’S PUBLICATION OF SEX TAPE:  THE MISADVENTURES OF PIMPIN’ CURLY FIFTY CENTS FEUD WITH SLEEK AUDIO CONTINUES IN BANKRUPTCY COURT: 50 CENT’S HEADPHONE DEAL GETS DA CLUB 50 CENT BATTLES IN BANKRUPTCY Read More +

The Strange Death Of Antonin Scalia: What Really Happened At The Cibolo Creek Ranch?

PART TWO IN THE SERIES ON THE DEATH OF SUPREME COURT JUSTICE ANTONIN SCALIA The first Article on Antonin Scalia was primarily an combination of the information, arranged as a narrative, that were given regarding the death Mr. Scalia, as presented in media sources found on the internet.  This Article will supplement the information found in the first Article. Judge Cinderela Guevera pronounced dead by telephone at 1:52 p.m. after she was called by Sheriff Danny Dominguez, according to a February 13, 2016 Article in Read More +

Death Of Antonin Scalia: Combination Of All Known Facts Sorrounding Scalia’s Death Up To February 16, 2016

US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was pronounced dead on Saturday, February 13, 2016.  Scalia died at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas.  Scalia was appointed to the Supreme Court by Ronald Reagan in 1986, and was the longest serving Justice on the Supreme Court.  Scalia was 79 years old. Scalia was staying at the Cibolo Creek Ranch in Presidio County, Texas, as part of a group engaged in quail hunting.  The Cibolo Creek Ranch is approximately 30,000 acres.  An Article in Western Read More +