Alternatives To Bankruptcy

What are some alternatives to filing bankruptcy, asks John W of Clearwater, Florida.  The bankruptcy attorneys and counselors at Weller Legal Group are experienced and knowledgeable in not only bankruptcy law and its procedures, but additionally in the numerous alternatives to bankruptcy. Our law offices offer many alternatives to bankruptcy.  Credit card debt and other unsecured debt obligations are common to the clients who approach our offices.  One alternative to bankruptcy is debt settlement.  There are many debt settlement companies that the reader probably has Read More +

Florida Statute Section 440.22..

Florida Statute Section 440.22 provides that Workers Compensation benefits are generally Exempt or protected from garnishment, attachment or levy, by Creditors, in the State of Florida.

Federal Statute, 11 Usc Section 522..

Federal Statute, 11 USC Section 522 and Florida State Statute, Section 222.21 provide that all ERISA qualified retirement plans and pensions, are Exempt or protected from attachment, seizure or garnishment, by Creditors in the State of Florida.