Ramifications Of The Supreme Court’s Lawless Decision In Bank Of America V Caulkett

MESSAGE FROM A BANKRUPTCY ATTORNEY IN CLEARWATER, FLORIDA PART TWO Jay Weller is a Bankruptcy Attorney in Clearwater, Florida. Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group have Law Offices in Clearwater, Port Richey, and Lakeland, Florida, and have filed over 40,000 Bankruptcies, since 1993. In order to understand this Article, please read Part One. What are the ramifications of the Supreme Court Decision in Bank of America v Caulkett? Why is its construction of the Bankruptcy Code important? Please note that the Supreme Court Decision in Read More +

The Us Bankruptcy Code And Student Loans

The US Bankruptcy Code And Student Loans: Constructing The Plain Meaning Of The Bankruptcy Code In Attacking Student Loans  Part II In Series by Jay Weller   Editors Note: In Part One in our Series on Student Loans, the writer offered an Equation in determining whether Student Loans can be Discharged in Bankruptcy. The Equation should properly state:   UNDUE HARDSHIP + (NOT A OR B OR C) = STUDENT LOAN DISCHARGE   For the Second Portion of our analysis of Student Loans, the analyzer Read More +

Dischargeability Of Student Loans

Dischargeability Of Student Loans Interpreting Bankruptcy Code Section 523(a)(8) Constructing The Plain Text Of The Bankruptcy Code In Determining Whether A Student Loan Can Be Discharged Or Eliminated In Bankruptcy Part One of A Series By Clearwater Florida Bankruptcy Lawyer Jay Weller Please refer to the Text of the prior Post which repeats, word for word, the Text of the Bankruptcy Code as its applies to Student Loans. Section 523(a)(8) of the Bankruptcy Code defines when Student Loans can be Discharged or eliminated in Bankruptcy. Read More +

What Section Of The Bankruptcy Code Applies To Student Loans?

What Does Bankruptcy Code Specifically Say About Student Loans? By Jay Weller Section 11 USC 523(a)(8) of the US Bankruptcy Code is the operative Section in regards to Student Loans. Section 523(a)(8) States STUDENT LOANS ARE NOT DISCHARGED UNLESS: Unless excepting such debt from discharge under this paragraph would impose an UNDUE HARDSHIP on the debtor and the debtor’s dependants, for- (A)(i) an EDUCATIONAL OVERPAYMENT or LOAN MADE, INSURED, or GUARANTEED by a GOVERNMENTAL UNIT or NONPROFIT INSTITUTION; or made under ANY PROGRAM FUNDED in Read More +

When Can A Student Loan Borrower Contest A Tax Offset?

Grounds To Fight The Government When They Seek To Take Your Tax Refund To Pay Student Loan Debt There are a number of Defenses that Student Loan Borrowers can use if the Department of Education or its Guaranty Agencies attempt to take your Tax Refund through a Tax Offset, in order to Collect on a Student Loan Debt Obligation. These Defenses Include: 1. Cases in which the Student Loan Borrower qualifies for a False Certification Discharge based upon Ability To Benefit, Unauthorized Signature, or Disqualifying Read More +

Seizure Of Tax Refund To Collect Federal Student Loans, Part Ii

Notice Requirements Under Tax Refund Offset Program; Say What? By Jay Weller Under 31 USC Section 3720A(b), the Department of Education, through its Secretary, can refer a Debt for Offset only after having complied with certain procedures. The holder of the loan must mail written notice to the Borrower’s last known address, as determined by the Department of Education or the Guarantor. The Courts that have heard Notice Issue Cases, have ruled that Actual Notice is not required. The Collector must only use Reasonable Means Read More +

Seizure Of Tax Refunds To Collect Student Loans

The Federal Tax Refund Offset Program Unleashed! The Federal Tax Refund Offset Program involves a complete seizure of all tax refunds that are due to debtors who are in default on their student loans. The Program also permits the seizure of monies due debtors through Special Payments such as economic stimulus monies. The Federal Statute allows these offsets, even for debts that are being administered by or collected by, a third party, or private party, acting on behalf of the Federal Government. This same Federal Read More +

Dim Prospects For Students With Student Loans

Student Loans Increasingly Come With Lesser Returns And More Burdensome Debt By Jay Weller The Federal Reserve recently reported that less Consumer Loans have reached delinquency than in recent years. This trend is not true for Student Loans where delinquencies continue to climb, and Loans are made without consideration of a Student’s ability to pay. Beginning in 2003, the New York Fed has been examining files procured from Equifax to analyze the dynamics involved with Student Loans. Prior to 2009, young people with Student Loans Read More +