Bankruptcy Attorney Question From Lakeland, Florida: Who Is Jay Weller?

Charles K Reed of Lakeland, Florida writes, who is Jay Weller? Jay Weller is an Attorney who primarily practices Bankruptcy Law. Mr. Weller graduated from the University at Buffalo in 1990 and from the University of Akron Law School in 1993. In Law School, the majority of Mr. Weller’s elective courses were in Bankruptcy Law or related to Bankruptcy Law, such as Secured Transactions. After graduation from Law School, Mr. Weller immediately moved to the Tampa Bay area and secured a position in a Law Read More +

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Here are some photographs that I have recently taken, in May of 2016, at Clearwater Beach. The first photograph is taken from the fifth floor of a building located at Island Way Estates, a man-made island that forms the Intercoastal that lies behind the main beach, which fronts the Gulf of Mexico, known as Clearwater Beach. The photograph was taken with an Iphone 3 telephone/camera. I used some of the editing functions available with the camera, including the “Enhancement” function, and a filter called “Process”. Read More +

Sam Ash Music Store Formerly The Kapok Tree Restaurant

The Sam Ash Music Store in Clearwater was formerly the Kapok Tree Restaurant.  Technically, the Sam Ash Store is probably located in Safety Harbor, rather than Clearwater. The Kapok Tree Restaurant was created in 1957 and continued its operations until 1991.  Its founders, Richard B Baumgardner and Jim Jones created a monstrous complex with 12 dining rooms, each with its own theme, and seating for hundreds of patrons.  Its architecture has strong Italian and Greek influences with fountains that distribute over 60,000 gallons of water Read More +

Clearwater Aquarium In Clearwater Beach, Florida

The Clearwater Aquarium was established in 1972.  The structure housing the Clearwater Aquarium was originally a water treatment plant, and its huge holding tanks created the perfect arrangement to house an Aquarium.  The Aquarium since its founding appeared dedicated to helping marine life that were injured, making their survival in the wild impossible.  Besides its more famous inhabitants, the Clearwater Aquarium also houses sharks, sea turtles and river otters. In 1984, the Aquarium rescued a bottle nosed dolphin named Sunset Sam.  As part of the Read More +