Bankruptcy Lawyer Port Richey



For those seeking a bankruptcy lawyer in Port Richey, Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group is committed to the representation of persons who are in need of representation in bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy lawyers and paralegals at Weller Legal are experienced and knowledgeable in most aspects of bankruptcy law.

Weller Legal is dedicated to the representation of debtors in primarily, Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 bankruptcy proceedings.  Our practice is entirely devoted to the representation of persons and businesses that are in financial distress.  Since 1993, Weller Legal has been one of the more prominent law firms in the Port Richey and greater western Florida region in matters relating to bankruptcy, debt consolidation, and other programs relating to the relief of debt.

If you are considering whether to file bankruptcy, there are likely two Chapters of bankruptcy that you may be eligible to file.  A Chapter 7 bankruptcy is also called a straight bankruptcy or a straight liquidation.  Chapter 7 bankruptcy is commonly filed by persons seeking to discharge or eliminate unsecured debts.  Examples of unsecured debts are credit cards, signature loans, medical bills, deficiency balances on repossessed automobiles or foreclosed real estate properties, and utility bills.

We are able to enable the majority of our clients who file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, to discharge such unsecured debts, and concurrently retain most or all or their personal property.  There are limitations upon whom may file a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, determined by income and family size calculations.  Other actions, such as transfers of certain assets before a contemplated bankruptcy filing or certain usages of credit cards and other devices, may complicate the filing of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  However, our bankruptcy lawyer, Mr. Weller, will be happy to meet with you to discuss your particular situation.

A Chapter 13 bankruptcy is form of bankruptcy where the filer seeks to consolidate his or her debts into one monthly payment.  Often, the filer is able to greatly reduce the monthly obligations associated with such debts, including automobile loans, credit cards, and other obligations.  Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also commonly used to stop foreclosures, repossessions, and garnishments by various creditors, including the Internal Revenue Service.

The bankruptcy lawyers at Weller Legal are dedicated to providing you the best representation possible in resolving such debt problems.  Our Port Richey  office is conveniently located on US 19 in the heart of Port Richey, Florida.  The consultation is free of charge.  Call or contact us today for a consultation with Mr. Weller at our Port Richey office.  Weller Legal and its bankruptcy lawyers have been serving the good people of Port Richey for more than twenty years.