Bankruptcy Attorney in Lakeland



If you are in need of a bankruptcy attorney in Lakeland, then Mr. Jay Weller and Weller Legal Group may be able to assist.  Weller Legal Group, PA is one of the oldest remaining bankruptcy law firms in Lakeland that almost exclusively practices bankruptcy law.

The majority of our clients who seek bankruptcy protections file either Chapter 7 bankruptcy or Chapter 13 bankruptcy.  Chapter 7 is also called a straight liquidation or a straight bankruptcy.  In a Chapter 7 bankruptcy, the debtor seeks to discharge his or her unsecured debts, such as credit cards, signature loans, and medical bills.  One may also owe deficiencies on automobile loans or home loans.  Additionally, persons in accidents in which they owe monies exceeding insurance coverages, may file a Chapter 7 seeking to discharge such amounts, and reinstate their automobile license.

Student loans are generally not discharged in bankruptcy.  However, if a debtor can establish that the student loans present an “undue hardship”, he or she might receive a discharge or elimination, of student loan obligations in bankruptcy.

In some cases, taxes and monies owed to governmental taxing entities, may be discharged in bankruptcy.  The bankruptcy attorney can explain how the different laws pertaining to bankruptcy operate.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also called a debt consolidation or debt reorganization.  In a Chapter 13 the debtor seeks to consolidate most or all, or his or her debts, over a maximum of sixty (60) months.   Chapter 13 bankruptcy is often employed to stop foreclosures on homes, the repossession of automobiles and other important assets, and garnishments by the internal revenue service.  Sometimes, the debtor may significantly lower his or her monthly automobile payment obligations and other secured and unsecured debts.

Among bankruptcy attorneys in Lakeland, Florida, Mr. Weller is considered one of the premier attorneys in his area of practice.  If you live in Lakeland, Florida or its vicinities, and are in need of representation or counsel in managing and confronting your creditors, Weller Legal Group is here to help.  If you need a bankruptcy attorney in Lakeland, Florida please contact us today at either 1-800-407-3328 (DEBT) or 863-802-5505.  You may also contact us through our website at