Clearwater, Florida – More Than Just Beaches

Clearwater, Florida, situated on the Gulf of Mexico in West Central Florida, is the County seat of Pinellas County. The region surrounding Clearwater and Pinellas County is known as the Tampa Bay Area. Clearwater is the third largest City in the region; the cities of Tampa and St. Petersburg are the two largest. Prior to the early-1800’s, the area surrounding present-day Clearwater was occupied by native Americans known as the Tocobaga people. In 1835, the United States Army began construction of an army fort which Read More +

Clearwater, Florida

EARLY HISTORY According to Wikipedia, one of the early tribes that resided in the area now known as Clearwater, Florida, was the Tocobaga peoples. In the early history of the area now referred to as Clearwater, Florida, there were clear springs that led from the banks of Clearwater into the bay.  These springs no longer exist.  The banks were located upon the high bluffs where is now located city hall and downtown Clearwater.  The early settlers referred to Clearwater as Clearwater Harbor, ostensibly because of Read More +

Clearwater Beach, Florida

Here are some photographs that I have recently taken, in May of 2016, at Clearwater Beach. The first photograph is taken from the fifth floor of a building located at Island Way Estates, a man-made island that forms the Intercoastal that lies behind the main beach, which fronts the Gulf of Mexico, known as Clearwater Beach. The photograph was taken with an Iphone 3 telephone/camera. I used some of the editing functions available with the camera, including the “Enhancement” function, and a filter called “Process”. Read More +