Gibson Guitar & Bankruptcy: Something To ‘fret’ About?

Numerous reports circulating in the past several days point to ominous signs for the future of iconic guitar maker The Gibson Guitar Company(known since 2013 by its current corporate name, Gibson Brands, Inc.). Many of the recent reports center on the company’s bond and loan debt that carry significant payments that are imminently due in 2018. The Nashville, TN companywas founded by Orville Gibson toward the end of the 19th century. Initially, Orville Gibson built and sold single-piece mandolins – on which he held a Read More +

Bankruptcy, Layoffs And Likely Sale – The “fate” Of A Pulitzer Prize-winning Newspaper

One of West Virginia’s oldest newspapers, the Charleston Gazette-Mail announced on Monday, January 29, 2018, that a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy filing “is imminent”. The actual filing of bankruptcy pleadings has not been confirmed. Informed sources say the plan was to file the requisite Chapter 11 bankruptcy paperwork on Tuesday, January, 30th.If a Chapter 11 filing is commenced, West Virginia’s largest newspaper could be sold coming out of bankruptcy or otherwise liquidated. The report of the pending bankruptcy filing included news that the parent company of Read More +

Toys R Us, The Retail Apocalypse And Mitt Romney’s Bain Capital

2017 has been a particularly bad year for many of the nation’s retailers. On September 19, Toys R Us announced its filing of Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Chapter 11 Bankruptcy is a form of bankruptcy wherein a corporation (or an individual whose debt exceeds certain monetary thresholds) seeks the reorganization of its debt through the mechanism of bankruptcy, and usually the continuation of its operations. Toys R Us announced in a statement that it voluntarily sought Chapter 11 protection, “To achieve our financial objectives, Toys R Read More +

Copyrights In Bankruptcy

Under bankruptcy law, copyrights and patents are considered assets.  An author of a book who has copyrighted such book or a songwriter who has copyrighted his or her song or songs are considered under bankruptcy law, to possess an asset.  Depending upon the value of such an asset, a debtor may find such asset sold by the bankruptcy trustee in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy.  In a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the bankruptcy trustee will want a determination of the value of the asset.  If such asset’s Read More +

Bankruptcy Chapter 11

From Clearwater, Florida comes a question from John J.  What is Chapter 11 Bankruptcy?  I have a small business, wish to retain my business, and either discharge or reorganize my personal and business debts.  Should I file a Chapter 11 Bankruptcy in order to accomplish these goals? There are numerous Chapters available under the Bankruptcy Code.  Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is a form of Bankruptcy wherein the Debtor usually seeks to Discharge unsecured debts, such as credit cards, medical bills, signature loans, and various other forms Read More +